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My ultimate goal is to become a High School Physics teacher.  I hope to provide for my family, maintain a home, and have at least one child.  To that end, I hope to attain my Associates from SLCC so that I may transfer to the University of Utah in order to obtain my degree in Physics and begin my career.  More than simply attaining my Associates, I hope to learn the material well, and I hope to pick up on some teaching methods/techniques by observing my professors.

My short-term goals:

  • Obtain Associates from SLCC
  • Purchase house
  • Obtain Bachelor’s from University of Utah

My long-term goals:

  • Excel at a career as a High School Physics teacher
  • Further my education (Master’s, PhD)
  • Raise a child

Learning Outcome: The SLCC Learning Outcome goals for the Associates in Physics program can be found here:  The goal of gaining “substantive knowledge” in mechanics and electrodynamics fits well withing my short and long term goals.  I will need this knowledge in order to succeed in the Bachelor’s program at the University of Utah, and it is these two topics that I will be teaching in High School.


Written by adamcollet

December 5, 2010 at 9:40 pm

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