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Math 1050 – Multiple Discounts

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The Multiple Discounts assignment for Math 1050 is an assignment which explores percentage and dollar discounts, and the order in which they are taken.  My completed assignment may be found here.

The primary lesson to learn from this assignment is that the order of discounts, when the discounts are of different types, does impact the final price.  More generically/mathematically, the order of operations is important (specifically, although subtraction and multiplication are both associative, the same is not true when mixing the operations).  Although this lesson was expected, it was still interesting and worthwhile to see examples worked out.

The assignment is directly applicable in the real world; it is itself structure as a real-world example.  Although such mixed multiple discounts are rare, they may occasionally be available, and it is important to realize that the order will matter, and therefore to ensure that the associate at the register applies them in the most beneficial order (assuming they are allowed to do so).  One potential situation where mixed multiple discounts may be available in the real world is if you have a manufacturing coupon, and a store sale at the same time.

As mentioned, this assignments covers the mathematical concepts of the associative and commutative properties.  Although these concepts are intuitive and well ingrained from prior math courses, working through examples is always helpful in establishing what you might call “mental muscle memory.”

On a final note, it seems that parts of my submission for this assignment were missing.  It has been some time, so I cannot be certain, but I believe I completed these portions but the pages were somehow missed in capturing them as pdfs.  Perhaps the most valuable lesson learned from this assignment then is to be attentive and check my submissions.


Written by adamcollet

July 24, 2014 at 1:40 am

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