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This is the welcome page for Adam Collet’s Salt Lake Community College ePortfolio.

This ePortfolio is a meant to be a digital portfolio containing basic information about myself and my learning, and specific pieces from general education classes (with reflections).

For better or worse, this requirement was introduced when I only have one remaining gened class which I am taking: ENGL 2010.

There are five parts to this ePortfolio:

  • This welcome page (including a little about myself, below)
  • My goals, found HERE
  • General Education.  Specifically, my ENGL 2010 papers and reflection found HERE
  • Learning Outside the Classroom, found HERE
  • My Resume, found HERE

Please check out the pages linked above.  But first, a little ABOUT ME:

My name is Adam Collet.  I am attending SLCC in order to attain my Associates in Physics.  I then intend to transfer to the University of Utah where I will pursue a Bachelor’s in Physics with a minor in Physics Teaching.  I hope to teach physics in High School.

At present, I am employed at Spillman Technologies as a programmer (database extraction for public safety software).

I am married and have a dog and we are about to purchase our first house.

My interests include read and writing, watching movies and making movies, and the outdoors.

Written by adamcollet

December 5, 2010 at 9:29 pm

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